Love you so much Sir


The feedback on this Podcast journey has been magical. It’s amazing how Sir’s music touches millions of hearts.
I have been on this journey out of pure love and respect and with utmost integrity. I strongly believe that I am very fortunate to be living in this most amazing era called A.R.Rahman (Sir).

Thank you for everything Sir


Thank you

Stephen Devassy
God Bless you Bro. More and more for supporting our own legend and a great human. I got a lot of good reviews. Good work from your side.

Suresh Peters
This is honestly the greatest gift to ARR, or rather the best gift from a fan to ARR ever received. He will always remember you.

You are the greatest Rahman fan.

Alphons Joseph
Thank you Chander for lifting my innermost spirit and confidence. I am happy that it becomes a supporting material during these weak times the whole world is going through. God will reward you for sure Chander

Shashaa Tirupati
Thanks for all the love.

Chander is endearing . In his love for ARR and his music .. Here in this podcast, love his child like enthusiasm when he asks questions about ARR and listen in.. The craziest ARR fan in conversation with me


This podcast has been very unique, different and very interesting. Very well executed by a podcaster who is so consumed in the mosque/ or subject matter. My heart felt BEST WISHES to you and salams to ARR.


Thank you for such amazing podcasts Chander. We fans have never felt so close to sir and his music without actually being close to him 

 Being a musician, every single aspect that goes into making mind blowing music makes so much sense. Also makes us wonder how a human being can possibly compose such tunes 

 Thank you for all the efforts knowing the fact that you won’t be getting monetary benefit or anything in return. Oh wait ! You will be earning much love and respect from his truest of fans for this ! Keep up the amazing work ! Thank you once again !


I’d like to start by thanking Chander for starting these wonderful series of Podcasts. Without these podcasts, I would not have gotten so much insight into AR Rahman’s music and himself. It’s been great to hear from so many individuals who have so closely worked with ARR and how their individual journeys have shaped over the years.
I continue to look forward to more podcast releases as each podcast has also been a learning experience.


What a journey. It’s all your intent.


This has been a Beautiful and a Magical Journey for me personally. I clearly remember joining this community on Aug 29th, 2020. And Ever since, it was so amazing too see and get to know fellow lovers for Rahman Sir and his music. Specially need to thank dear Chander Brother for all that he’s been doing. Hats off to him. The number of guests keep going and we’re just loving it. How wonderful is it to get to know more & more of Amazing Stories of the work experiences, and different stories from the Singers & Musicians who worked with him. This community has been spreading so much happiness and positivity always during these tough times times. Thanks for everything Chander Bro. Lots of love 🙂


I’ll be honest. Before joining the community I was so proud that I knew most of AR Rahman Sir’s work and his songs but Oops! It seems like I was living under rock. Lol. Being born and brought up in Maharashtra, the languages that I understand and feel comfortable while communicating verbally are just handful- Hindi, English and Marathi(mother-tongue). So it’s pretty obvious that I am aware of all of Sir’s work in Hindi. But thanks to TV , Radio n other stuff that I knew the work he’s done for South. Earlier I just knew the popular albums and the commercially hit songs n stuff. Then eventually when I started following and discoverin Jonita mam’s work I got to know much more of AR Sir’s work through her singing.

“I❤ ARR Podcasts” and “I❤ARR Community”
After joining the community, I was in awe! Firstly I love listening to Podcasts. And I the moment I found out these things I was at cloud nine – 1. It’s an ARR Podcast , 2. It’s on YouTube, 3. It features almost all my favourite artists and musicians and most importantly 4. They all share and speak about our FAVOURITE “AR Rahman” sir ❤🙌 What do you need more!? :’) It’s a matter of pride for me to be a part of this awesome I❤ARR Community! Listening to these Podcasts is the best thing I have ever felt. It’s not the usual ones. And that’s the best part also. It feels like we are listening to someone speaking about our GENIUS as if we’ve been knowing him since forever. I also discovered new songs by listening to the Podcasts. When the guests share theri recording experience with Sir, some times I literally I feel like how come I don’t know these songs (while watching some Podcasts) !
Also, there are a few Podcasts that I haven’t watched yet. But I share them as soon as I get the notification on YouTube! 😉 It’s just that I feel very happy and privileged while sharing and spreading a word about the Podcasts. I always keep saying this proudly (and shamelessly) when sharing the videos that “Please listen to it without fail whenever you get time and make sure you watch the Podcasts with all your heart and not by judging anything.”
Hehe 🙂

I Love the Podcasts and I personally make sure that I watch those when I’m completely free and have no distractions at all. But most of them when they’re released I’m most likely to be occupied by some or the other work or some stuff so I try to get a glimpse of each Podcast when it releases. And I prefer watching those later with all my attention! 🤗

Love and huge respect to you, Chander!


Being a fan I must say, these podcasts/video biography is something I love watching. It’s amazing, inspiring, motivating and so much love and happiness. Please don’t stop it keep it going and also would like add if you can take songs of ARR and discuss with the guests and talk about interesting stuff that has gone through in the song. I would love to watch that. Thanks a ton. You have no clue what your podcasts /video biography does to me. Love from Bangalore


It is great to finally have a podcast to get a sneak peek into the life of my favourite music composer and human being in this world. Thanks to all the artists who shared their recording experiences and thoughts about our beloved Mozart of Madras. It is lovely to see how even such great artists adore him and regard him. The one word that constantly comes out of every speaker in the podcast series is “Magic”. A.R.Rahman sir, your music is magical. It lures me and swirls me down a whirlpool called loop mode. It has uplifted my spirits when I’m sad, healed me from my sorrows and has always brought a smile to my face. Thanks to Chander for providing us this window and letting us get a closer perspective of ARR. 


The I❤ARR podcast is an amazing thing. The artist , Technicians and all the celebrities sharing their working experience and the other side of ARR is truly goosebumps. Podcast is definitely an amazing thing for a die hard ARR fan like me . It just makes us feel very proud hearing amazing things about our idol.. Podcast will be beautiful memories which can be cherished for rest of the life for all the Die hard ARR fans . Unique thing about our podcast is there is no ads , promotions and no monetary benefits’s just done out of Pure love towards sir .Thanks a lot Chander for creating such beautiful memories for us and making us feel proud 🙂 please keep up the great work..


First of all, I sincerely thank you for this initiative and the amount of efforts you have put-in to create this unique “I Love ARR Podcast” . I haven’t covered your podcast yet due to my hectic schedule and hopefully it will be done later.
Through this podcast many of us got to know more insight details about the process of Sir’s music & spiritual journey and the people connected with Sir. I always felt that we are so blessed and living in this moment called “ARR era of Life”
When Sir’s music does the healing process, your podcast too does the same but in a different way.
We always get to discover new things through different guest from this podcast which rejuvenate our nostalgic memories when someone talks about Sir with such huge respect.
Keep inspiring us and spreading the positive energy through your podcast.
“Ella Pughazum Iraivanukke”


You have no idea the kind of service you are doing to all the incredible fans.

Chander apart from helping us connect with our idols, you are also helping them. I dont know if you have realised, but looking at them speak to you in such a genuine way, it breaks this barrier that they are stars and they might have that ego. You are making them more relatable to all of us which is a great feeling for us and I am sure it is for them too. Great work man 😁
Thank you once again!

Hello mate, just finished listening to your podcast. That was too good and informative. Even i am an ardent fan of ARR from melb❤ i jus keep listining to his music all the time. Like you said in sreekanth’s episode even i get tears wen listining to khwaja track and today wen sreekanth sang i was driving my car and i dont know tears were rolling down my eyes. That composition is pure magic❤. And Bamba sir’s episode is so entertaining😁 Got to know fun side of Rahmam sir😅 waiting for more episodes. Appreciate your effort for being median, like ARR being integral part of our lives😁

Chander macha, my mom was extremely happy about what you are doing. Both my parents are proud of what you are doing. God Bless you man.

One lovely Podcast conversation Chander. I was searching for Alphons Trichy performance thanks for adding it to the video.The drone footage was amazing. Alphons is one different beast when it comes to on stage performance. I still remember seeing him perform in ARR sir’s Chennai 2018 concert his performance and the improvisation he does on stage are pure bliss to watch. I only knew Alphons as singer of Aaromale. Will start listening to his compositions. He sharing about dedication of ARR sir traveling midnight from Washington to NY for mixing is a great inspiration. Really loved Alphons version of Oorvasi in the end. ❤😍God Bless you man.

I have been a huge fan of rahman from pre roja days even  before I knew that rahman was the man behind incredible scores in TV jingles and TV programs like “spirit of unit concert” on Doordarshan so it has to be more than 30 years of me being ARR’s fan. However I have never felt so close to rahman and his team before until my friendship with this incredible ARR’s desciple called Chander. Chander is doing a selfless job of taking us together along with his incredible podcast journey. This podcast is one of its kind and Chander’s commitment is beyond comparison. I am so lucky to be part of his journey as a spectator and a fellow rahmaniac. I would like to wish Chander the very best.

The reason for me to be a part of this community is pretty obvious, but credit to have enabled a platform/community should go to Chander. If you are in reading this you probably have already realized the crazy fan of ARR that he is. I came on-board this community during the initial stages of the first ‘I Love ARR Podcast’ series. Chander has always made me feel like I had the  ‘VIP – All access pass’ through the journey.  I feel fortunate to have experienced this journey. From being presented the opportunity to ask questions to knowing the guest up-close and other fun facts has made this very special. Why is the ‘I Love ARR Podcast’ a one of a kind and timeless one for the viewers/listeners? Because, we all know ARR the music director and have experienced the magic, the mind of ‘The Mozart of Madras’ has created. But the ‘I Love ARR Podcast’ series throws light into the heart and soul of ARR.  It is a library of testimonials from artists, technicians, directors and other professionals who have worked closely with ARR. 

I was feeling a bit low today. But the Podcast uplifted my mood. Keep doing more man.

I am always thankful to you for what you are doing to us.. is really inspiring and very nice to see the such a humble n down to earth person like you.. you r also my inspiration in how to care our viewers n subscribers.. thankyou for that and not only for shweta Mohan I am also waiting for all of your upcoming episodes.It’s unique..Keep rocking bro❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Chander , you are actually passing on the lil ray of hope n happiness in such a pandemic times, wishing the musical legends and budding legends..Thank you for getting us a part of it!! I really mean it. I can imagine the smile they have , while reading our wishes.